Woman reunited with cat three years after he ran away

WYOMING, Ohio -- When Abbey Engel's catĀ disappeared from her home in 2014, she was heartbroken. Frank had been part of her family for more than a decade, and she lost him near the end of a stressful pregnancy that would result in the stillbirth of her son. Her entire family searched for him with no success.

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According to Chris Adamson, Frank was on a mission.

The cat had made his way to a nearby condominium, where he was adopted and renamed Teddy by a woman named Erna. Adamson, one of Erna's neighbors, said she was older and sorely in need of the companionship her furry friend provided.

"Every time I went to visit her, he was right by her side, riding around on her walker, nuzzling her for affection," Adamson said.

Adamson didn't know where Teddy had come from, but she knew Erna loved him. When she died, Adamson posted on Nextdoor to find the cat a new, loving home.

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Engel saw the post and didn't hesitate. She knew Teddy was Frank, and she needed him home.

A shelter confirmed her hunch, and theĀ pair were finally reunited Friday. As Engel snuggled her long-lost friend, Adamson said she believed it had all been part of a larger plan.

"If you knew Erna, you would absolutely have to say he was on a spiritual mission with her," she said.