Fiona spends her spare time snuggling with a fluffy cheetah pillow.

Baby hippo update: Fiona graduates to 'big kid' pool and gains aquatic coordination

CINCINNATI -- Here's your Friday Fiona fix!

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After announcing that caretakers would no longer provide public daily updates on the progress of its Nile hippopotamus born six weeks premature, the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden promptly reneged on its promise with this video Friday morning. 

Much to our delight. And yours, we surmise. We can only assume the policy reversal was due to overwhelming public outcry and demand that they maintain a steady stream of cute photos. Have a look in the video player below.

The zoo said Fiona has graduated to a "big kid" pool and is gaining coordination while moving through the water.

We know day care for our own children doesn't come cheap, so imagine the costs of caring for a rare wild animal with special needs. That's why the zoo suggests that anybody wishing to help should visit its website here to make a donation to baby Fiona.